Provides quality graphite electrodes
as the only manufacturer in Japan that specializes
in processing of electrodes.

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Promises to manufacture precise & solid
cast iron products with steadfast technologies.

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Manufacturing bases of Maruya Group
develop ductile cast irons excelling
in ductility and toughness.

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Caters high-quality & low-cost products best fitted to customer needs.


The central material used to melt scraps into iron.
Materials professionally chosen and directly imported to be made final products in our domestic factories with precision.
Graphite electrode highly resistant against mechanical impacts that can endure the high temperature of intra-furnace heat.


We have struck alliance with many of cast iron makers across China.
We will establish manufacturing / provision networks that can survive the cost competition and cater to various needs for cast iron products.


Maruya Industry with credibility and high quality for international sourcing of cast iron, electrodes or canning.


Dalian Fukutomo Precision Machine Ltd.

Maruya Group’s manufacturing / development base of ductile cast iron products.
Efficient manufacturing activities are undertaken with
checking systems equivalent to Japanese domestic factories’.

Dalian Fukutomo Precision Machine Ltd.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiries / quotes on
our products such as graphite electrode or customized cast iron products.